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Win for MEH Members

As a result of a “letter before action” sent by Unite the union to the MEH and the client on 27th July, a meeting was immediately convened the following day to discuss the issue of trust and confidence with the MEH with a specific request to reinstate the rail fares previously enjoyed by our members working under ECSA.

In summary the client and employer agreed the following –

· The arrangements offered are limited solely to workers under ECSA .

· All existing payments will be reinstated .. for clarity if employees had received the off-peak fare or anytime fare prior to 1st January 2023, the implementation date of Clarification Document (13) they should still be receiving that fare.

Employees who took part in the unofficial action would lose the day’s pay for Wednesday 26th July. However, it was agreed that Employees would still receive lodge for the night and would not lose any milestone bonus as a result of the action. No formal disciplinary action will be taken against any individual for the unofficial action taken.

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Amazing what you can get when you stick together isn't it. Quick action, quick response and quick resolution to the workforce's liking. Different ball game altogether.

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