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Do you work on CI, BOP, NI? If so, vote for your new SAFETY REP

Voting closes 3rd October -  VOTES WILL BE CHECKED

Please scroll below to see the candidates statements

Thanks for submitting!

Adam Givens - CI

Geraint Phillips - CI

Nick Halsall - BOP

Not afraid to hold people to account to make sure you get home safely every night. I'll fight your corner and make your voice heard. Everyone deserves the right to work in a safe place and treated with respect.


Jason Phibben - BOP

I have been interested in this opportunity as a Union safety rep for a while I have been on B.O.P for 6 years so I know nearly everyone and all the areas we cover on HPC. I think this would be a great opportunity to join a valued team on this great project, whilst helping with any issues that the workforce come across


Connor Young-BOP

Help people to work safely and not forced to work in unsafe conditions have the correct equipment in place and also I can be a trusted face for anyone to approach to raise and concerns they might have

Skarlat Rodrigues - NI1

 I applied to be a union a safety representative because I have a passion for health and safety, i have also gained a degree in this field. I have worked within occupational safety and have extensive experience of working on a range of construction sites.

With my extensive interest in construction health and safety, I believe I can add to the team and help develop the efficient ways of working safely, ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with established standards.

Regardless of the conditions and processes, my objective will be to better analyze and implement tactics to control and prevent risks at work.


Matt Farmer NI1

As coming through the steelfixing apprenticeship and being on site for 5 years, I am fully aware of the high standards of health and safety . I feel it's paramount that these standards must be maintained

Andrei-D. Moraru

Steelfixer improver at Ni1/HL1, I have expressed my desire to join the union Unite in a more active way as Safety Representative for few different reasons.

First of all, I want to join because of my wife and 4 years old child that are waiting for my return safely home, i'll do my best to prevent any possible unsafe behavior that can trigger unhappy events for my colleagues for the sake of their families who are waiting for them.

Not lastly, is my desire to help those around me, encourage good practice, be an asset for Trade Union using all the means at my disposal including quick thinking, finding solutions and multilingual capabilities.

Haishe Dawed - CI

I like to be one of them because safety is before everything I am very interested to be part of it many thanks


Martin Overy - CI

I have been in the electrical industry for 35years and been Unite Safety Rep on numerous occasions on some of the largest projects in UK I see this flagship project as another opportunity to make our voices heard and therefore making the work place a safer place for everyone... Solidarity

Bogdan Merlusca - CI

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