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SW/8257 HPC construction branch

For those who aren't already aware we have a workplace branch at HPC. 

Union branches are the life blood of the union movement and have the ability to not only allow us to coordinate our efforts on the project but can also change the policy of the union. 

Our branch meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and all members who work on the project are welcome to attend. We regularly discuss the hot topics developing on site but we also look at local causes to donate to as well as hardship requests from members across the project. 

So come and have a say on how some of your membership fees are used. 

Currently due to the Covid-19 regulations we meet online. There is a sign up link below to join the branch whatsapp group, to keep up to date with the latest developments, raise issues straight away with the branch officers as well as recieve the link for the online meetings. 

Upcoming dates

12/10/2021 - Hinkley Campus 18:30

09/11/2021 - Sedgemoor Campus 19:00

14/12/2021 - Hinkley Campus 18:30

Branch Officers

Branch Chair - Gary Stiff (FVH)

Branch Secretary - Thomas Mrshall (Bylor)

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