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Urgent Update 05/05/2020

Covid-19 on site

5 individuals working on the project have been confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19.

1 person working for Balfour Beatty, 1 person for Bylor, 2 people for Somerset Larder & 1 person for G4S FM.

All individuals identified as being at high risk of exposure have had site access passes deactivated and have been sent away for testing. Until negative test results are presented, they will not be allowed back to the project. Work areas of potential concern have been identified.

The most recent date an individual, whom has tested positive, was on site was 29/04/2020.

We understand that a flash alert will be drawn up and distributed by the client ASAP, confirming details. Both the Regional and National Unite Officers are seeking further details from the employers and client.

(Details correct, to the best of our knowledge, at time of publication)

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