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SPS Update and Rep vacancies 23.04.2021

There are some important changes taking place within the Unite representatives groups at SPS.

Following a difficult year for all workers, we would like to thank you for your hard work and contribution you made during the pandemic. As a result of direct feedback form members Unite were able to shape and develop the response that SPS made through the first lockdown. We were the very first union to make representation to all Site Ops employers at the start of the second lockdown, recognising the challenge this may pose to working families and vulnerable groups.

As we emerge out of lockdown, Unite intend to remodel the way we respond to members needs, offering better communication and accountability, whilst maintaining the high standards of representation we have always offered to our members.

Unite is the ONLY recognised union in SPS and therefore the ONLY union able to give you a strong voice. Because of the way we are organised within SPS, you will always be consulted on issues of importance, ultimately resulting in membership ballots giving us an indicative outcome prior to any agreements being struck.



Unite the union is looking to fill vacancies in the positions defined below. If you are a Unite member and want to make a difference in the workplace, please put your name forward via email to – your nomination should be seconded by another Unite member. Please also identify which vacant position you are standing for (below).

If by 1st May 2021 more nominations are received than positions vacant (below) - an election will follow according to rule.

Shop Stewards

C. Brittan

K. Frey

C. Noble



Health & Safety

C. Taylor

R. Shaw

J. Simmons

K. Parker


Union Learning Reps

A. Bale

S. Sheldon

Equalities Rep


After the above vacancies are filled, the representatives will elect from amongst their group a Senior Unite the union steward.

Unite the union is the only union with recognised representatives at SPS and the only union able to negotiate with the employer.

Unite is the only union that will give you a real voice in the workplace!


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