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HOST Campuses agree to change

As we are sure you are aware, Unite Reps have been campaigning against the HOST campus price increase on the behalf of all of our members using the campus faciities (and the GMB one's whose union didn't want to take on this campaign 😮). We are pleased to be able to confirm that our efforts have not been wasted.

While the prices per night will not be reduced from their current rates we have been able to agree with NNB/EDF that rooms do not have to be paid for when you are not staying there.

We have asked that from the 6th April rates will be charged as following (we are waiting for confirmation that this date is possible).

Long term (28+ nights) will be reduced to 21+ nights and these nights no longer need to be consecutive.

Middle rate (2-27 nights) will be reduced to 2-20 nights and these will no longer need to be consecutive.

This will mean that if you currently book 28 nights at £24 per night and only use the room Monday night to Thursday night. Rather than having to pay £672 for 4 weeks accomodation the same cost will now secure you accomodation for 7 weeks.

Bylor Safety Rep Elections

Voting will close today for the Safety Rep elections. If you haven't had your say yet then don't miss out, vote today.

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