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Bylor LJC Update 28.07

Clocking out - As of Monday 3rd August there will be no more leniency at the end of shift clocking out. If individuals clock out before the 10-minute grace period they will be docked and multiple offenses could result in disciplinary action. Bylor also stated that workforce will be expected to remain on work platforms until 17:40. We have strongly objected to this on the grounds that it will result in people rushing unnecessarily and breaching social distancing in the changing facilities. The time that people leave the platforms will be discussed at Site Joint Council on Friday due to Bylor disagreeing with our points.

Grouse meetings - After discussion with EDF, Bylor and the Unions it has been agreed that mass meetings would not be a practical solution. We will however be trialling a structured platform tour and feedback set up which will see stewards touring platforms and holding multiple mini meetings on site across all platforms so that members can receive feedback on the questions raised at LJC and SJC as well as provide the Stewards with their views.

Cycle to work scheme - Unfortunately Bylor have opted not to adopt the cycle to work scheme, however, they have decided to partner with the Laing O'Rourke discount scheme which can provide individuals with a 10% discount on the purchase of a new bike and/or any cycling accessories.

Uplift & Development - 78 people have had their pay rises signed off this week and will see this in their next payslip. Bylor are currently working through the backlog of uplifts. If you want to enrol on an NVQ in your trade please email to register your interest. NVQs available for Carpenters, Steel fixers, Concreters which will enable the individual to receive an uplift upon completion.

Backshift - We raised your concerns over the backshift and the collective wish to move away from this pattern, with Bylor, who were less than receptive. Due to this we will be escalating this issue to the Site Joint Council on Friday. It is our view as well as yours that the back shift is unnecessary and that more people could be put on to a night shift. If a gap between start times needs to remain in the name of social distancing then this could be achieved with an 08:30-19:30 shift as done previously.

Periodic long weekends - Due to people coming in and then leaving again within a very short time frame on a long weekend, we have agreed with Bylor that people who receive payment for 4 hours or more can book the entire shift off. We have also clarified with Bylor that accommodation allowance is paid for days on which a person is travelling on a long weekend. This means that even for those who take the whole of a shift off due to the amount of paid time they receive, will still receive the lodge for that day as well as the Sunday when they are travelling back to work.

Lodge payments when sick - We have challenged the Bylor ruling that accommodation allowance isn't paid when workers are absent due to sickness. We have now agreed that accommodation allowance will be paid to workers who are absent due to sickness other than those who are only absent on either a Monday or Friday. This means that if you are a member of either "The Monday Club" or "The Friday Club" you will end up losing out on 3 days' worth of accommodation allowance.

EDF Reinductions - We are aware that multiple people have failed the EDF reinduction, sent to them via email, for various reasons. We have discussed this with Bylor who have agreed that we need to change how this is done. Reinductions via email will now be arranged to be done at the Bylor training centre at K23 to provide use of a laptop and structured environment.

Train fares - We had received complaints from some members that their train fare allowance hadn't appeared to have increased over the past few years. Bylor are able to evidence rate changes which take place every January in line with the annual price change to rail fares.

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This communication is sent following the extraordinary site joint council held today with Bylor and the client. Good progress was made in respect of following points: 1) Milestone bonus – pending


Hi, can you poll the guys on back shift on their feelings about it. A group of ten of us talking last night and not one wanted to go from the backshift onto nights. (Reposted comment as someone said it wasn’t showing)


Unite the Union
Unite the Union
Jul 28, 2020

We will request bus adjustments accordingly.

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