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Since the decisive 69% to 31% rejection of the Bylor/NNB Extraordinary Pay & Conditions Offer, your reps and officers have been in talks with the employer and client. We are now in a position to present an improved offer which we recommend for your consideration.

What has been improved?*

(*Subject to this offer being accepted.)

*The payment of £250 which was proposed to be made in October 2022 has now been increased to £600 and will be

brought forward and paid in the next available pay date.

*We have secured an improvement to the Attendance Bonus for both locals and travelling workers – if you leave 2 hours early on the middle Friday (i.e. at 2pm instead of 4pm) this will not jeopardise your Bonus

What was already good about the previous offer?

Within the Civils industry we have never had a Lodge Retainer payment before. Your reps have agreed that if this deal is accepted you will get the same Lodge Retainer as under the ECSA.

4% pay increase across all trades. This is an interim payment between acceptance and December 31st when the RPI increase will come into effect.

These figures are calculated on site working hours 50.5 hours per week.

Increased pay in your pocket now, ahead of an expected 10% pay rise in January (on current estimates). Your reps will be walking the platforms to show you what this means in Pounds and Pence to you. Please approach them to find out.

Extra stage added to Grievances you may raise for bullying against Supervisors so this goes above Bylor for adjudication.

The remainder of the previous offer also still stands (refer to earlier comms from your TU).

When and how do we vote on this?

The ballot will be electronic, sent to your email address, and will open on Monday, closing at 23:59 on Thursday night. We will then have the results on Friday. If this is accepted the extra pay and all of the above can be implemented.

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Darren Morgan
Darren Morgan
Jun 21, 2022

I have contacted HMRC and they have advised me that the following statement is TRUE …

( HMRC have confirmed the Lodging Allowance rates, as tax free payments, from 3 January 2022 will increase by 0.9% to the following: Lodging Allowance will increase to £42.66 per night. Annual Holiday Retention payments to increase to a maximum of £14.04 per night (£98.28 per week);

WE HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING THIS AMOUNT !!! we should be getting £42.66 x 7 days lodge £298.62 !!!

we are owed from January 2022 !!!24 weeks BACKDATED !!

Replying to

Darren Morgan, please propose a no confidence vote in the union.


It's the worst case of unprofessionalism I've ever seen in over 30years as a union member ,they need to go around the whole site and not just certain platforms expecting the lads to pass on their messages,if it continues I an see a vote of no onfidence in the reps coming next,

Replying to

I don't see why we don't do it to be fair coz these unions haven't done anything fir us since I've been on this job in 4 years, total disgrace to be honest they try to tell us what we want to do ,it's the other way round and that's another reason why it's crystal clear that they're in the back pockets, the men decide not the reps!!!!!!


Is the suggested 4%pY rise only on flat hours only .or is it on everything we earn ?


Sorry didn't have time to finish my last comment.

So yeah we should also be getting the lodge money we are entitled to.

Bank Holidays sick days appointments etc.

I think we should be paid from the time we step on the buses of a morning. As we are literally in work at this point. Until we step off in the evening. Because its not like we can go anywhere once we are here .

The morale on site is at rock bottom Wright now .and it needs some positivity putting back in to it .

Use as a high profile company and employer have the power and the resources to achieve this gole. And the work force would be…


This is a high profile job and the pay we earn should reflect that .

Most of the men and women working here sacrifice. Not being with there families being here so there should be some sort of compensation put in place ..

We also run to homes whilst being to offer £600 and a 4%pay rise seems like a slap in the face .

As I think meany will agree .£1000 and a 6% rise would be more acceptable and the ad the 4%to it in January to make the 10% .that would be reasonable in my apinion

Replying to

Didn't have time to finish last comment sorry.

So yes we should also be paid the lodge money we are entitled to ie bank Holidays. Sick days and appointments etc. The time we should be payed is from the time we get on the bus of a morning.

We are all literally in work at that point every morning. Until we get off the bus in the evening. The morale on this job is at rock bottom and something has to be done to elevate the work force to its full potential. Everyone would benefit from the positive results that use as a high profile company have the power and resources to achieve his gole

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