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Urgent Update 08.07.2020

As of Monday 13th July 2020 it will be mandatory for all persons using a HPC bus both internal and external to be wearing a face covering. Snoods are being supplied from EDF via your employer. Communication will be coming out shortly from EDF on the issue, why the decision has been taken and what is acceptable as a face covering etc.

Face coverings will not be available at the park and rides on Monday morning so please remember to bring one with you. No face covering means no access to the bus.

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This communication is sent following the extraordinary site joint council held today with Bylor and the client. Good progress was made in respect of following points: 1) Milestone bonus – pending

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William Van Lierop
William Van Lierop
Jul 08, 2020

We are being asked to wear a mask on buses 3 months after the virus was exposed , coming off a nightshift there is no social distancing measures in place at bus stops outside East , as in union reps to keep that distancing in place , people rushing about to get on buses ASAP and because no one is there it's ignored , personal experience it's uncomfortable and ignorant and creates ill feelings , day shift ends and there are union reps keeping social distancing in place , this jobs running 24 hours so should we not expect the same for backshift and nightshift

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