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51% NO

49% YES


NO 52%

YES 48%

We will now move swiftly towards a full ballot for industrial action, this process will include a final cleansing of the membership data base.

We must have accurate and up to date home postal addresses and we will require correct job descriptions for all members. This process will be led by the site convenors.

We anticipate this will take at least 2 weeks to complete, please can you speak to your local reps to confirm your details are correct.

Once we are in receipt of full and accurate member information we will serve notice of our intent to ballot on the employer.

In the mean time it is our expectation that both sides will make use of the dispute resolution procedures and continue to negotiate.

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49 Kommentare

Maya Andrei
Maya Andrei
07. Juli 2022

Hi, Just a quick one regarding bonus, From what I know the bonus must be per team and must be created from office not from blue hat from them tablet, Every end shift or end of week blue hat must report if his team completed or not all jobs required,and then it will be generated a bonus,in this case in this job blue hat generated for each one the productivity bonus,in thik this is wrong because a team must have same bonus,not like here in one team is 10 workers and each one have different bonus, Many thanks.

Gefällt mir

So, just out off curiosity, as the vote was so close and the unions are asking everyone to confirm their addresses, some members may get missed in the chaos. I'm also making the assumption that the 49% of unite members that voted yes to accept the offer will vote no to strike action. What happens if the vote to strike is no? Are we left with nothing?

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Full ballot......? More like dragging your feet! Get on with the strike. Inflation up by 9% to 11% since January. So anything less and we are taking a pay cut. So let's strike every Monday for 6 weeks.

Gefällt mir

We pay in vain at the union, my opinion is that all members who are part of the union should get rid of the union because they are not trustworthy and keep lying to us with all sorts of things. As long as they are paid by the bylor they will have no power to fight for the people, or we should call on the main leaders of the union's central office. They will always waste time and they will not accept anything, we have to act quickly because they will always want to seduce us with all kinds of cheap offers.

Gefällt mir

EDF increased there bill by 54% I completed my apprenticeship in 2006 as a carpenter and was put on £17.50 ph PAYE. I started here at HPC in 2019 on £16.50.....? Minimum holidays, Minimum pension, minimum lay off notice, and minimum redundancy allowed by law. Two of the biggest Unions on site!? What a joke! It's only the lodge that make up the difference, that the employer doesn't pay. We are worth more! If you want to talk about greed, talk to the client and the employer!

Gefällt mir
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