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Site-Wide Update 02/02/21

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Learn with Unite

A New Year, A New Start - Is learning a new skill one of your resolutions? We can help you. For more information on the excellent range of learning options: visit our website, speak to any Unite Learning Reps, Unite Workplace Reps or email the Unite Learning Organiser Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2021! We look forward to supporting you with lifelong learning.

Limited offer – 2 Free CPD Courses for Unite members only visit:

Bylor Update

Employee Rewards Programme - The company have confirmed that an Employee Rewards Programme will be launched on the 1st February 2021 for all Bylor workforce. The Company will communicate more information on how to register etc. This programme offers discounts and cashback savings from a multitude of suppliers, leisure facilities and services.

Welfare Facilities – It has been raised by many of our members about the lack of available space in the canteens at break times. We have raised this with EDF who are going to review the current arrangements. They have also tasked Bylor to reduce the number of personnel on the day shift by moving some to night shift.

Due to this decision, Bylor will be moving 400 people from days to nights starting on the 15th February. This will be on a voluntary basis (as long as there are enough volunteers) across all of the platforms. If you would like to volunteer for night shift please give your name to your Black Hat. Night shift pattern is 6/1-4/3.

Scheduled Saturdays – Bylor are happy with the number of people who have been volunteering to come in and work on the scheduled Saturdays so far. This will continue throughout February.

Milestone/Productivity Bonus – We would like to remind people that the productivity bonus in the payslip this Friday is paid on hours worked between 18th December and 3rd January. For the vast majority this means that there will be no productivity bonus due to being on holiday at the time.

Holiday carry over - We would like to remind those who have got holidays left from 2020 that they have to be used by the 31st March. If they are not used, they will be lost.

Campus price rise – We have been made aware that HOST have decided to raise their prices. The room rate has been increased by £4 per night and the £1 car parking charge will apply to all at both campuses. This has not been endorsed or agreed with by Unite the Union.

Balfour Beatty Update

In January Unite won agreed mileage for those that qualify backdated to 05/07/20.

3 days at 8hrs paid for bereavement pay for immediate family.

Suggested in Balfour Beatty safety meeting we get a Covid Champion on each platform to give regular feedback and reminding of social distancing/face covering etc.

Unions now have now been given designated desk, computer, locked cabinet space in W10 office.

We have been made aware that a number of our members at Balfour Beatty are unhappy due to campus increases. Many are now saying that they will be moving out. We will be in discussion with the Officer about possible ways in which we as a union can support our members and make sure their view on this issue is heard.

Many of you will already know about Howard Englesfield, who worked for TGT. Howard sadly passed away on Sunday 24th January. He will be laid to rest Friday (5th Feb). Balfour Beatty will be bringing their workforce onto W10 at the same time as the service to show a mark of respect.

Howard was a GMB member, so the GMB will be coordinating the site wide collection for him. If you wish to donate they will be in the canteens in HAE and HAW this week.

Kier BAM Update

Kier BAM have won some additional work on-site meaning they will be looking to recruit up to 50 people by the summer with the prospect of further work later this year.

We have experienced a few issues with people not wearing face masks and other associated issues. Please be reminded that the wearing of face masks is compulsory in all welfare areas, offices, canteens (when not seated), at bus stops, and on all buses (internal and external). If you are challenged by anyone (including the Covid Marshals), please react in a respectful way in line with the project values. Remember, the rules are in place to keep us all safe.

Rob Healy is our new Health & Safety Rep. He has hit the ground running and carries out a safety inspection once a week and is attending regular meetings ensuring your health and safety concerns are heard.

Somerset Passenger Solutions Update

Our learners have nearly completed the IT level one course and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, we are looking forward to starting more courses soon Our Union Learning Reps are Simon Sheldon and Andrew Bale, We will keep you posted.

As we are unable to hold full members meetings due to the ongoing situation, we are looking for Unite members to come in and represent their arears. Please email if you wish to take part.

Closing date is this Friday 5th February

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