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This communication is sent following the extraordinary site joint council held today with Bylor and the client. Good progress was made in respect of following points: 1) Milestone bonus – pending


I can't wait to make the ... HPC and unite accountable shame on you all!! It's called a self forseeig profacy!!!!!! This is people's lives!! The updates from London Transport in unite press releases haven't even been followed!! N we all know EDF or NNB we know they are the same thing!!! Pay for gold standard n by Buddha we have seen that the way the actual drivers aren't protected!! Beyond words!! The Open Wallet that ok s the morally bankrupt people bonuses 1000 of thousands of pounds..... Beyond shameful......


Good morning Healthcliffe,

I have been bringing COVID 19 to the attention of SPS since 27/01/2020. I have a background of over 30 years in Health and social care at different levels. I was watching COVID-19 due to professional and personal interest. I was not taken seriously quiet the Opposite. I will be taking this up via the grevency process at a later date.

I need to speak to you urgently I did phone the local office on Friday unfortunately I couldn't wait for them to redirect which totally understand would take time with current situation. I also phone the GMB to speak to a regional officer unfortunately I missed Matt's call on Friday as I was driving and didn't…

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