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HPC Update 21.09.2020

Bylor Back Shift Update

Unite would like to thank its reps for their commitment over the last few weeks and thank you (old and new) the Unite members on site for your feedback, support and patience in respect of this issue.

There have been some important developments over the course of the last few days, including useful intervention from senior members of the Unite, the client and the BYLOR all of whom have contributed to the discussions.

These discussions have given rise to a negotiated final offer that all sides believe is sensible, fair and pragmatic. This final offer, which is supported by your Unite official and site reps is set out as follows:

· A 20% shift allowance rate for backshift

· The backshift to be an 11-hour shift, to be consistent with other shifts

· Commitment that significant local consultation process with the employer will be exhausted before any further change is implemented

· Agreement that we will engage with the client and BYLOR in a meaningful way in respect of bell to bell working (in line with the Hinkley agreement), by way of consultation groups – with a view to implementation in at the beginning of January 2021

Kier BAM Update

A concern was raised about the new welfare area at K23 so Jonathan Davies (Senior Steward) visited the area. Whilst he had reservations due to the distance between the lockers and showers, it was agreed that the welfare would be suitable although it would be monitored over the next few months and into the winter for heating and suitability.

A mobile shower unit is being looked at for those who wish to use the showers at the end of their shift.

More to follow on this.

Balfour Beatty Update

Great news for Unite members working for Balfour Beatty. We are pleased to announce the election of 4 new Safety Reps who have joined our team which includes; Malcolm Davies (Unite Civils Convenor) Eric Verrecchia (Shop Steward/Safety Rep) and Luke Panesar (Shop Steward/Safety Rep).

Your new Safety Reps are; Michael Cuthbutson, Dave Benson, Ben Golding and Paul McGowan

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