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Daily Update 29/04/2020

General Update

Unite the Union on a national level has been lobbying parliament to make tests available to construction workers. It was confirmed yesterday, by Matt Hancock (Health Secretary), that we had won this. This will now mean that anyone working on the project, who is presenting with symptoms, will be able to be tested for the virus. Any family that they live with will also be able to be tested.

KBJV - No news on a potential return date at this time. Numbers will remain as they are for the time being.

Somerset Passenger Solutions

SPS and Unite the union struck an agreement that will offer furlough arrangements under the Government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for some of the most vulnerable groups of their workers including those who must isolate, shield or have specific caring responsibilities.

Applications for furlough under this scheme will commense as soon as possible, we will update formally when we have formal arrangements in place. If you require any further information please contact Chris Brittan.

SPS is the first of the site operations team to offer this provision, which came after a series of practical negotiations with Unite representatives. We will now look to make sure this is in place for the remaining companies in the site operations scope i.e. Somerset Larder, G4S FM etc...


Lodge during Furlough - We are pleased to be able to tell you that we have secured accomodation costs for those who are on long term furlough. Whilst those on the 3 week rotation already had the cost of their accomodation covered by Bylor we have had to negotiate to extend this to people who are off longer term i.e. shielding.

3 week rotation - You will need to provide Bylor with a copy of your tenancy agreement in order to recieve a payment to cover rental costs whilst off on furlough. (Monthly rents will be broken down to a weekly amount.)

Long term furlough - You will need to provide Bylor with a copy of your tenancy agreement as well as physical proof of payment i.e. a bank statement. Bylor will then cover your rental costs.

Bills are not included in rental cost allowances. Please send all evidence to

Everyone who is on either rotation A or B should now be aware. Those returning on 4th May are asked to be in for a 7am start. You are expected to attend your usual work platform where you will be briefed and then told where abouts you will be working for your 3 week working period. (If you worked on Heat sink 2 when you were furloughed then go there Monday morning.)

Long weekends are now on a 3 week rotation to fall in line with those on the rotation plan. This is applicable to all workforce whether or not they are on rotation. The next long weekend is this Friday (1st May). A copy of the new calendar is available below, long weekends highlighted in a 3 day block.

3 weekly Periodic Leave 2020
Download PDF • 33KB

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