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Daily Update 27th April


Those who volunteered for furlough, will remain on furlough.

Those selected by BYLOR for furlough have been offered rotation and BYLOR now know the names who want to rotate.

Those on the furlough rotation who have a tenancy agreement or bank statements proving payment for lodgings on an ongoing basis, will get the cost covered by BYLOR.

If you haven't got a tenancy agreement or proof of payment, you need to get this organised ASAP as this is a HMRC requirement.

Those on long term furlough will be getting an answer tomorrow regarding the cost reimbursement of their lodgings.

Information on your lodging addresses must be up-to-date, otherwise payment will not be made.

If you have completed an 'Expression of Wish' form for Death in Service Benefit, and you need to update it, please visit your Unite Union office on site.

These forms are adequate in expressing your wish in terms of who you'd like any monies paid to in the event of your death but the best way of ensuring this will be to utilise the Unite free Will service which is legally binding.

Anyone who has been furloughed and has NOT been paid, can you inform your Supervisor and Union Rep?

Also, anyone who has not received sick pay, please contact your Supervisor and Union Rep.

Know a non-member get them to join Unite, the Largest Union at HPC. The Union of first choice and the best way to keep up to date of what's happening on site!

Balfour Beatty

The workforce at Balfour Beatty collected £8700 for Lee Phillips who sadly lost his life on Easter Sunday. The rest of the collection will be counted up tomorrow and we will release the final amount once it's all been counted.

We have asked Balfour Beatty and NNB to match fund (up to £5000 each).

International Workers Memorial Day

International Workers Memorial Day is tomorrow and we will be holding a 2 minute silence at 11.00 tomorrow.

Please take time out to remember those who have lost their lives at work.

Remember the Dead

Fight for the Living

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