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Daily Update 15/04/2020

General Update

Fully enhanced bus fleet is now in operation with coaches being phased out to help with driver safety. Segregation on buses will continue to be rolled out using tabards on seats. The nice weather we have been having has how ever brought the issue of buses getting very warm with the use of air conditioning on vehicles being an issue. We have started to look into how we could resolve this issue and will feedback when we have an answer.

G4S FM continue to do a great job across the site buildings despite the enhanced cleaning regime, for this we would like to say thank you to our members who are doing their best to make sure our break areas are at the highest standard possible.

Somerset Larder have been helping the wider community and have been preparing meals for NHS workers across Somerset. Working with the local trust, they have been asked to supply 3,000 breakfasts, lunches and dinners a week to make sure our vital carers in hospitals and the community stay nourished.

Thermal cameras at both North and South are getting an upgrade in the shape of containers to house them. The aim is to have the cameras relocated and operational by the middle of next week, this is dependent on parts being delivered however.

Balfour Beatty

Following a meeting between the Trade Unions Reps and Balfour Beatty Management Team, we would like to notify you of some changes during this challenging Covid-19 period. Item 1: Smoking Shelter Signs have been put in place and markings will be placed on the floor, please comply with distancing rules: remain 2 metres apart. Item 2: Gates With immediate effect; to enter the W10 platform all Balfour Beatty direct employees are asked to use the single turnstile (East) to reduce numbers at the double turnstile (West). Item 3: Swing gates Swing gates will now be propped open where possible. Please take extra care when crossing the road. Item 4: Clocking out During this period, we will allow a 15-minute grace period on the turnstiles, still expecting a full shift at the face. Item 5: Social Distancing Champions will be nominated throughout the Hinkley Point C Marine Work Project. They will be reminding you to keep 2 metres apart where reasonably practicable. Please respect your Social Distancing Champion. Thank you all for the exemplary queuing at the turnstiles to date, we look to continue working together to keep the site open for business.


The email sent out by BYLOR this evening to travelling workforce should be ignored. The campus is still voluntary at this time. EDF confirmed in Rob Jordan's daily update today that the aim is for workers residing in the Bridgwater town centre area, who rent an individual room in a house with locals are the main target of the campus arrangement. Those who are staying outside of Bridgwater, those with a long-term lease or renting a property which doesn't have anyone from the local community staying in it are not expected to move to the campus at this time.

We are well aware of the confusion that is present within our membership at this time and unfortunately we are unable to provide any answers at this time. Below are the list of questions we aim to resolve by the end of this week. If there is anything that we may have missed please speak to your local rep or ring PJ Wand (Senior Steward) on 07818565178.

  • 3 week rotation - which platforms are affected? opt out clause to remain on furlough? Accommodation allowance arrangements on furlough?

  • Payments for those unable to qualify for furlough due to being a new employee

  • Written confirmation that employees can work for others whilst on furlough and will not suffer any detriment for doing so

  • Those who have requested shielding, when will they receive confirmation?

  • 10 minute grace period

  • Apprentice’s on completion, when will they receive there uplift to Craft 2?

  • Slinger Signaller uplift – those assessed earlier in the year have back dates outstanding, when will these be paid? Why are these assessments being done in groups rather than on individual 3 month anniversary date?

  • Steel Fixers passing level 3 assessment not receiving back date to 12 month anniversary, when will this be resolved?

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