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Bylor LJC & Back Shift update 24.09.2020

Back Shift update

We have now received a full formal offer from Bylor for the Back Shift. Bylor set out the offer at today's LJC. Details are as follows;

- Working hours are 14:30-01:30 (Mon-Thurs), 12:30-21:30 (Fri)

- Uplift is set at 20%

- Platforms currently working Day/Night shift will remain working Day/Night shift

- Commitment to undertake exhaustive local consultation before any future changes to working patterns/hours (including bell to bell negotiations)

Consultative ballot forms will be available (for day shift) in HAE and HAW canteens from tomorrow (Friday) until end of the day Tuesday 29th. Back Shift and Night Shift members will have reps coming to them early next week.


LJC Update

Bylor have run in to difficulties closing out the bicycle discount scheme, they have committed to have this resolved before the end of October.

Bylor confirmed that it has been asked by NNB to have a look at the overall strategy of site, to determine which areas which areas can be worked on to support Nuclear Island. SG confirmed that the new program C11 has been issued. Due to the fact that NNB and Bylor’s programs differ, by the end of October 2020 an agreement will be made as to how BYLOR and NNB work together to achieve targets. NNB have provided everything required in order to keep us working safe during Covid-19 pandemic. The main concern is during break times and coming onto and off site with numbers and adhering to social distancing rules. SG has asked TUs to assist in getting the message out that it is everyone’s responsibility to make an effort in adhering to social distancing and working safely.

We now have an agreed process for resolving the back log of uplifts and back dates on wages. This will be done in batches but Bylor have confirmed that all individuals waiting on uplifts and/or back dates will receive them.

EDF reinductions - We are still waiting for Bylor to enact their back up system of making laptops available to workforce in their training centre. We have pushed this point due to more and more people running into issues with their re-inductions. Issue is being chased up and will be closed out ASAP.

Bylor have invited the union reps to a weekly meeting (starting next week) to review Milestone performance and upcoming targets. This will allow us to understand exactly why our members are receiving the bonus % that they do as well as keeping you up to date with the targets that Bylor are setting for you to work towards.

Bylor confirmed that lodge audit letters have been posted to individuals lodge addresses. Bylor mentioned that a number of landlords have been in contact to state that the individuals named on letters have never lodged at those addresses. If individuals do not bring back the letters, lodge will be stopped and disciplinary action.

The GMB raised concern over transparency on how recruitment process is operated through the recruitment portal. Bylor presented reports to TUs and offered to send reports on a monthly basis.

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