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BYLOR: Ballot Opens Monday

The e ballot process is both quick and efficient, it will be a single question to accept or reject the offer. The result of the ballot will indicate whether you accept the recommended offer, or if you wish to take full industrial action in an attempt to achieve an improved offer.

The offer is set out in detail on this blog and we hope you recognise the gains that have been achieved from when your grievances were first raised.

We genuinely believe this to be a good offer and it is the very best that can be achieved through negotiation. This position has been reached with no financial loss to our members. Please be mindful that the job of your union is to achieve the most gain with the least pain – we believe this is something this offer does for our members.

The like for like pay comparisons of HPC with other projects indicate that you remain some of the highest rewarded workers, with terms, conditions and welfare benefits that are unrivalled. A number of these terms have been further improved during this process.

On the 1st January 2023, you will receive a substantial pay increase based on the RPI average set out in the site agreements. This, coupled to the fact that your jobs will be effectively future proofed, means that HPC remains the most attractive construction project to be employed on.

We ask you to please carefully consider what you stand to gain by voting to accept this improved offer, and we recommend a yes vote.

The ballot will open Monday 20/06/22 at 12.00 and will close on Thursday 23/06/22 at 00.00 results will be communicated on Friday 24/06/22.

Jerry Swain

Unite National Officer

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