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Bylor ballot opens today

Dear Colleagues, the consultative ballot opens today. It is being provided to union members by email and text. If you have not received communication by Tuesday morning, please check your junk folder or speak to your Unite trade union representative.

A consultative ballot is a dependable method for the union to get an indication of whether an offer (or improved offer) is acceptable to its members. If rejected, the union will arrange a full ballot for industrial action. A full ballot for action can be a protracted process. It is run by an independent body on our behalf and it is run concurrently with other signatory unions in accordance with the Conservative governments Trade Union Act 2016 (introduced to restrict trade unions on how and when they ballot their members).

As part of our previous consultative balloting process, we ran an electronic ballot for members that were not on site. Interestingly, the the turnout results were very good. The process is very speedy. Therefore, it was agreed by the joint unions that this method would give and accurate and quick turnaround. This is of most benefit to us – not the client or the employer!

In direct response to misleading claims made in some recent social media messaging – all MEMBERS will get an opportunity to either accept or reject the offer, based on their own personal opinion of whether it is reasonable.

All of the items raised directly with us during this process have now been addressed.

The client is offering a cost of living rise (not consolidated) of 4% between now and the year end.

The client is fully committed to honouring the RPI pay increase on the 1st Jan 2022.

The Stewards have negotiated flexibility into the periodic leave.

The Stewards have negotiated improvements to the milestone bonus now paid on attendance.

An extraordinary bonus has been improved, increasing twice from £250 to £600.

All details are set out in full on our blog page

This is a member led campaign – Unite have responded appropriately to all members issues and concerns. Members will have had an opportunity to discuss the details of the improved offer last week. All Unite members will quickly, efficiently and privately be able to vote in the consultative ballot, with little disruption - giving a definitive outcome by Thursday evening.

Lastly, we have been advised by the client and the employer that taking unofficial action will result in those workers immediately coming off the clock and being removed from site. Most importantly we would not wish for any unofficial action to hamper our ability to run a full ballot, should the offer be finally rejected.

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