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Negotiation Update & Additional site information 13.08.20

Negotiation Update

In light of yesterdays debacle with the GMB, trying to negotiate something completely wide of the mark and not representative of feedback collected from you the members. We as Unite have once again stepped up to the mark and brought forward your views and best interests whilst the GMB have been left waiting in the wings for news of a win they can try to claim as their own.

Regional Officer, Heath Pettifer has been on site today to meet with Bylor and EDF. The point of the meeting was to discuss the 2 main issues; NI backshift implementation and CI/BOP backshift negotiations. This meeting was the start of the dispute resolution process and we are happy to be able to tell you that Bylor have taken this onboard. We agreed with Bylor when they proposed a truce for 2 weeks to allow for time to meet further and discuss the situation. This means that there will not be any new shifts implemented during this period. NI nightshift will remain and PLALOG backshift talks will be paused during this period.

This does not however mean that we will stop organising ourselves. Reps will continue to bring round the pledge forms this week. Next week will see reps checking home addresses and contact information for our members. We ask that you speak to your platforms rep and make sure your information is up to date and that you are registered as working on HPC. This will make sure that if any ballot process is necessary it will be 100% legal and above board, we would never enter into an illegal ballot despite the GMB spreading claims about this being potentially illegal. This just goes to show their true nature, when the members need them they retreat back into the shadows.

As soon as we have further information, we will keep you all informed. We are hopeful that a further meeting to allow discussions to continue will be called for next week.

Additional Site information

Bylor have made the decision to separate start and finish times of platforms on day shift from Monday 17th to assist social distancing efforts in the evening.

06:30-17:30 = K10 / Heat Sink 1&2 / K11A / PLALOG

07:00-18:00= Nuclear Island 1&2 / BOP (DAYSHIFT) / CI (DAYSHIFT)

From 1st September, SPS will be running a bus from Bridgwater bus station near Asda. This will run every 20 minutes at peak times and then regular intervals throughout the day. There is no parking at this pick-up point but it will mean that people staying in the town centre no longer have to walk out to the Sedgemoor campus.

Changes to the East office annexe, from 13/08/20. Between the hours of 17:30 & 18:30 individuals using the East Office annexe to clock out or for secure bus. There will be 2 entrances set up, one for internal bus and one for secure bus. The building will be restricted to a capacity of 100 persons with supervision at all access points.

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I don't know why I bother writing here, surely the Union can't be to busy to reply?

Me gusta

I wish the Union would use as strong language when fighting for us, as they do fighting against GMB! What are the Union doing about the effective 15% price increase in the site canteen?

Me gusta

What about current back shift, any time changes yet or we just getting ignored again?

Me gusta
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