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Kier BAM Update

As you know, we are in the middle of the redundancy consultations . We have encountered some issues which are currently being dealt with between the Reps on site and the Regional Officer. However, after our intervention, the companies have now agreed to calculate any untaken holidays on the 12 months previous to the furlough period, meaning you will earn your normal holiday rate. The redundancy cap (per week) is £538. This should include any overtime and bonus meaning that those of you on the lower skill rates (SW3 and SW4) should earn the capped amount too. We are currently negotiating for pay in lieu of notice for those who request it. We'll update you once we know as the company are saying it's not possible while under furlough. For those of you who have personal belongings in the lockers, you are to contact Barrie Mills in the first instance and let him know your locker numbers and when you want to pick the items up. If you are further afield, then contact him and he will make arrangements with you. Ex-Hawk employees - we should have an update next week for you when Claire Trott returns from holiday. We have been pressing them for an answer. Stay safe.

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