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Joint trade Union Update Re. Bylor


Following on from yesterday’s Emergency Site Joint Council, Regional Union Officials today met again with the client and put forward four points that we believe can be quickly remedied. A collective request was made for the following:

1. Bonus – to be paid at 70% site-wide, with Safety removed as a criterion. This will be paid ongoing until a sub-group including trade union reps agree a new mechanism. AGREED

2. Respect & Dignity – it is recognised by all sides that there has been a lack of confidence in reporting. With immediate effect, a new procedure will be implemented that will identify unacceptable behaviours of managers by introducing an independent review stage after the current final grievance appeal stage. AGREED

3. Retainers – Periodic Leave, Sickness & Holiday. Parity with ECSA rates. DISCUSSIONS STILL ONGOING – AGREEMENT TO HAVE AN OUTCOME BY 22nd APRIL LATEST

Travel – an immediate review of travel arrangements (to be no less favourable than ECSA). AGREED TO REVIEW

Pay Rates - The trade unions raised that the workforce feel the current rates of pay are no longer best in class, All parties have committed to complete market research of jobs that are comparable on projects outside of HPC.

Bylor and NNB asked for 4 weeks to complete there research and then will present back to the trade unions.

Unite are asking for the members to assist us in this process and can you provide examples of jobs that exceed the current rates on CESA.

Please send these examples to your Unite reps on your platform.

This can be in screenshot or links to adverts.

Please note these will be checked and verified.

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Neil Seaman
Neil Seaman
Apr 07, 2022


Neil Seaman
Neil Seaman
Apr 07, 2022

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