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Health & Safety Rep Opportunities across many Bylor areas!

We are looking to recruit safety reps on platforms that currently have no representation. On becoming a rep you will start familiarization training with the company in works across the site, to help you spot risks you may not already be trained to identify as well as; IOSH 1 DAY, BOHS Occupational health, ALCUMUS CoSHH Assessor and as the role develops with the project maybe more.

Unite Provide Offsite training that is mandatory.

level 1 health and safety- 2 weeks-1st year

level 2 health and safety weeks-2nd year

accident and incident investigation-1 week-on completion of level 2

Also the opportunity to do mental health first aid, COVID Risk assessment, and Basic GDPR.

You will be trained to use the onsite digital system and allocated a tablet to carry out inspections once a week, plus other focused inspections and audits, there are Regular forums and meetings with unite, Bylor, and NNB where you’ll get the opportunity to voice any issues or good work you believe needs recognition or implementation in other areas.

It’s a great opportunity to get into safety and an even bigger opportunity to look after your colleagues at work. The role has a big responsibility, people and communication skills are essential, its not always easy to raise issues, although positive observations are as important. It’s not all doom and gloom.

Below is a list of Rep vacancy’s on-site for BYLOR

  • Nuclear island 1 & 2 “Integrated teams”- 1 rep for days to join current team of 4 / 2 reps for nights

  • Conventional island 1 & 2 - Day shift 1 Rep per island

  • Heat sink 1 - Nightshift 1 Rep

  • Heat sink 2 - Day Shift 1 Rep

  • K11A - Night shift 1 Rep

  • Team Concrete (K5A) - 1 Rep

Kind regards

Samuel Thomas

Senior Safety Representative

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