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Deadline for x2 Survey's Tuesday 26th May @ 13:00pm


If you work on K11a/Rebar, Conventional Island, Bop (Structures) and have been effected by the Imposed Backshift then please complete our survey in order that we can make Bylor and senior officials of EDF aware!

We believe this decision has been made in haste and with the immediate assumption that the job is being done on the cheap ( Backshift paid at 14%) and not fully thought through as any consultation with Unite would have raised various concerns!

So to that end its important your voice is heard please fill in the survey below;



2nd Survey

Currently we have haven't received the expected number of survey returns!

Remember this bike CAN be used at home! and the scheme allows you to get a second bike all with TAX SAVINGS!

In order for us to take this forward we would require an uplift in interest so please be sure to complete the survey link below

DEADLINE TUESDAY 26TH MAY 2020 @ 13:00pm

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