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Daily Update 09/04/2020


Unfortunately people have been placed on to furlough. Some of these people through section rather than by choice. Be assured that we are still entering into discussions and meetings about the number of people and the selection criteria. We are campaigning for people to be brought back as soon as possible. In the meantime we have had commitment from Bylor at the highest level to compensated travelling workers who have now been furloughed. Those who have long term leases and can evidence this, will receive the cost of their lease up to a cap of the accommodation allowance amount each week. Those with a notice period to pay will be recompensed to the cost of their notice period. Please contact Bylor via or providing your evidence.

For anyone who joined Bylor after 28th February 2020 and has been temporarily laid off, Bylor have confirmed that they will be supporting you financially. They should be providing clear information on what this will look like next week.

For those left on site. EDF have committed that workers will be using the campus from now on. We have pressured EDF to provide clarity on who they would be expecting to move in. They have agreed and this will be drawn up shortly.

The rumour and in some cases documents that have gone around site today to say that the 10 minute allowance at clocking out time has been cancelled is FALSE. This is not the case, the 10 minutes has not and will not be changing next week.

We are also aware that Bylor are rolling out briefings about a 3 week on 3 week off plan. This is not something that has been discussed with us locally. We have raised our concerns over this, mainly the issue of people travelling home and having to pay for their lodgings. Bylor are currently saying that if anyone goes on to their 3 weeks off on furlough and then decides that they do not wish to come back that they can contact Bylor at and notify them of this fact, they will then put the person on long term furlough. Anyone who is already on furlough and receives a letter about coming back on the 3 week plan can do the same and will stay on long term furlough.


Drivers asked could passenger numbers be reduced SPS agreed and have now taken capacity down to between 33% and 25% the drivers then requested split guards on all vehicles except coaches, this is now in process and will be completed as planned by close of play tomorrow, obviously the most important thing is to make our vehicles as safe for the drivers as possible its proven very difficult to do this with coaches as a result SPS have agreed to remove them from service as soon as is practicably possible.

Anyone working over the Easter weekend will need to go to either Sedgemoor Campus or Cannington Park & Ride to catch a bus to site. Alternatively we have been told that the on site car park will have the barrier raised to allow people to use it.

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