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Collection for Dave Bushby A.K.A Sweet Chucks

Dave, 36, worked on the Bylor batching plant. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer in early 2018 and unfortunately, it spread to other parts of his body. This, along with a brain tumour caused his untimely passing on Saturday 14th November.

Dave leaves behind his wife Siobhan who is 33 weeks pregnant and is due to give birth in January and two young daughters Lili Ana and Emma Lia.

This Christmas is going to be very hard for this family, so please dig deep and give generously.

Brennan Webb and Danny Boyle have started the collection today on a few platforms. Reps will be establishing collections on all of the platforms by the end of the week. You can also donate in the HAW union office.

Our collection will be matched by the project up to the value of £5000 so we would like to reach that target.

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