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Bylor Update 22/04/2020

As agreed previously Bylor have sent out an email, to all workers being offered the 3 week rotation, which clarifies that if you do not wish to be on the 3 week rotation you should write to saying that you wish to stay on furlough.

Accommodation allowance will only be paid to those on the 3 week furlough rotation. When you are off for 3 weeks on furlough Bylor will cover costs of local accommodation. Evidence will be required to claim this.

Those on long term furlough will not receive any support to cover accommodation costs. This is a decision we are challenging. If you meet this criteria please get in touch so we can evidence how many people are affected. Write to

Those people who do not meet the government criteria for furlough due to starting with the company recently, will be paid by Bylor at the equivalent to the payment they would have received if they had qualified. As far as we know this only affects 11 people.

The periodic weekend calendar will be adjusted so that it falls in line with the 3 week rota. This means that at the end of each 3 week cycle people will be able to use their travel time allowance. Those on the static work pattern will also be placed on to the increased calendar.

Bylor have met today to identify those apprentices who may need extra support throughout this period and will be implementing a pay enhancement for them.

We have also raised the question today of whether or not Bylor will be putting on work on 8th May due to the return of travelling workers for the start of their 3 week rotation. We have been told that this will be at the discretion of the platforms. If people want to work on the bank holiday we would recommend making this known collectively to your black hats.

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This communication is sent following the extraordinary site joint council held today with Bylor and the client. Good progress was made in respect of following points: 1) Milestone bonus – pending

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Unite the Union
Unite the Union

No it won't be 3 weeks solid. Will be the usual 5 days on, 2 days off with the possiblity of weekend work if it is available.


When working 3 weeks will it b 3 weeks solid which means working sundays

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