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Bylor furlough update

Bylor have sent out an email yesterday evening explaining that they are looking into bringing in a voluntary furlough scheme. If you are interested in being put on furlough then please reply to this email to make it known to Bylor that you wish to be considered.

Be under no illusion this decision hasn't been made by Bylor alone. Unite have been pushing for this arrangement for over 2 weeks, we are happy that Bylor have agreed with us and are looking to bring in this arrangement.

Below we have tried our best to explain exactly how furlough is calculated as well as what will be deducted from payments before they reach you.

CJRS = Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, this is the name the government have given furlough.

  • How much we can expect as a maximum gross figure?

80% of gross pay up to £2500 excluding bonus/commission/fees therefore it is very likely lodge/subsistence/travel will not be paid – the sum is calculated on basic salary. The exact calculation is likely to depend on whether the earnings are variable. Where applicable the sum is calculated on basic salary.

  • What needs to be deducted from that gross figure?

Employees will be subject to normal deductions. Employers will receive a grant from HMRC to cover the lower of 80% of an employee’s regular wage or £2,500 per month, plus the associated Employer National Insurance contributions and minimum automatic enrolment employer pension contributions on that subsidised wage. Government will issue more guidance on how employers should calculate their claims for Employer National Insurance Contributions and pension.

  • Whether or not our usual payment schedule should be followed or if that can be changed, i.e. going from weekly paid to monthly paid?

I would expect that usual pay runs would continue because the employers existing systems are set up and established on this basis – change my be required, and the employer(s) should consult with unite reps in the usual way to adopt this.

  • Can people on 12 week isolation be put onto CJRS? Do you have to wait until the end of 12 week period?

Those who have a disability would be able to be prioritised as a adjustment and it would likely be justifiable in terms of age discrimination that the over 70s are prioritised. The scheme has specifically said that those who are shielding on government advice should be furloughed. If a member was sick prior to the layoff/furlough commencing they should remain on sick pay. But members can be furloughed after a period of sickness ends.

  • If on CJRS can you work for someone else?

Individuals should check their contracts which may contain clauses or restrictive covenants forbidding 2nd jobs. The contract may allow for 2nd jobs outside of the core contract hours. However, this issue should be discussed by individuals with their employer in the first instance.

  • Does CJRS take into account other incomes or savings?

The scheme isn’t designed to take this into account and isn’t a means tested system.

  • Can you use holiday whilst on CJRS?

Individuals should discuss pre-booked holiday with their employer. CJRS is only planned to last until end May, so holiday booked after then should stand. Holiday during furlough is not likely to be granted as it may break the minimum 3 week period. However, currently there is no clear guidance whether leave can be taken whilst on furlough.

  • Can you ask for redundancy if on CJRS?

CJRS is designed to be a job retention scheme. A redundancy consultation would follow a completely different procedure, starting with locally with Unite representatives.

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