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Bylor Back Shift negotiation update 16.09.20

As most of you know we received a response from Bylor on Monday 14/09/20. We would like to thank Bylor for this and allowing us time to discuss this with the Unite Reps to understand exactly what was on offer to us.

We are pleased that the concerns brought forward on NI with the potential overlapping of Day Shift and Back Shift have been addressed with a reassurance that the Night Shift will remain for the time being. The Stewards have discussed at length the proposed 6% increase in uplift pay with multiple parties including EDF and Bylor. This is a complex issue and we need further time to consider and discuss the developments with all parties. We thank you for your patience and continued support in this respect.

We are hopeful that positive dialogue will continue with Bylor, and there is a determination to seek a negotiated outcome. Once any further information is available this will be communicated to you all via your Reps as well as through this blog.

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