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Bylor Back Shift / Night Shift negotiation update 14.09

Your Unite Reps were invited to an extra-ordinary LJC at midday today to discuss a proposal from Bylor in response to the issue raised by Unite surrounding the Back Shift & Night Shift.

We can report that Bylor have proposed;

- Platforms currently working Days/Nights will remain working Days/Nights

- Back Shift will remain until Christmas at the earliest. With effect from today (14.09) an additional 6% uplift will be paid to all people working on the Back Shift. Working hours to stay at 15:00-01:30 (Mon-Thurs), 13:00-21:30 (Fri).

- In December Bylor will sit down with the unions and discuss what the working patterns for 2021 will look like.

Your Unite Reps met earlier on today and discussed this proposal in depth. There is a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with the Senior Steward, Convenor, Regional Officer & National Officer to discuss the Reps feedback and weigh up Pros & Cons before we publish our formal recommendation to you as the members.

Once a formal recommendation has been reached your Reps will be conducting a consultative ballot of all Bylor/Unite members so that you can decide.

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