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Balfour Beatty Update 02/11/21

Balfour Beatty Gantry crane operator rates

Unite has been involved in talks with Balfour Beatty in regards to the gantry crane rate for the trained slingers on site who were put on the gantry crane course.

So far we have had the uplift (skilled worker 3 now to skilled worker 2) applied to the main gantry crane operators and a back payment was also received as part of this agreement we reached.

We are now in talks to get the rate agreed for the backup gantry crane operators, who also hold the same level of qualifications.

The talks are going well and we are also hoping to secure a back payment for all the backup gantry crane operators as well as an uplift in their rate.

Can all back up gantry operators please contact a unite shop steward on site for more information on the situation.

Fair payment system agreed for the new TBM hybrid shift pattern

After a couple of weeks of engagement with Balfour Beatty and the tier two companies, Unite have secured all workers receive the same fair deal of payment.

A new favourable hybrid shift pattern was agreed for the last TBM drive, which has seen many workers doing less hours and less days per month, for the same wages. This was not rolled out across all the work force involved on the TBM intake 2 tunnel, but after talks involving Unite, Balfour & the tier two companies, This week will now see all TBM associated work force receiving the same deal and being moved onto the new shift pattern. Unfortunately there is still one trade (ADT operators) who have not been put on the new favourable shift, unite has suggested in the LJC for a temporary uplift to balance the working hours and payment system out.

We are waiting on a reply from Balfour Beatty on the proposal put forward for the ADT operators who have been left behind we will update you when we receive a response.

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