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Workplace Reps update

Update from BUG (Bus user group)

SPS are installing new information boards in the buildings and at Bus stops, these will have the current timetables on and contact details. SPS have hired 4 x service managers they will be on site to resolve problems on site 24/7 and will also take part in customer interaction in the main welfare areas at scheduled times.

Currently SPS are experiencing the same issue as a lot of other employers across the country with a lack of staff. This is resulting in the remaining drivers trying to cover all duties but you may see some gaps in services. We are currently looking at options to make the pay package for SPS drivers more attractive in order to fill the vacancies and improve the reliability of the service.

Bristol airport bus

The reps who attend the Bus User Group have been asking for SPS to provide a bus to and from Bristol airport, SPS have agreed this could be possible but require feedback to see suitable times for times this would be a limited service. If you would be interested in a Bristol Airport bus then please fill in the survey below.

Covered secure bus areas

NNB are installing shelters for workforce queuing for the bus services at park and rides these works are due to be completed by the end of August.

Somerset larder prepay card reward scheme

Somerset larder have launched a point reward scheme when using the prepay system on your site access pass you can accrue points that gives you credit back, also access to special promotions which will be advertised on Somerset Larder screens.

(BYLOR) ESS+ Slingers

We were made aware of this issue last week and have had multiple conversations with Bylor on this topic. Conversations began with Bylor trying to tell us that the training being offered was a refresher training and that individuals would not be expected to do any additional duties. This has now changed and become a position with additional responsibility but is only going to be used on weekends only. Bylor have now agreed that they will pay the Working Supervisor 2 rate on a weekend when someone is being used as an ESS+.

We have another meeting with Bylor scheduled for Thursday to give feedback from the membership about this suggestion. Reps will be coming around the platforms on Thursday morning for Grouse meetings so come and have a chat, ask questions and make sure your voice is heard.


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