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HPC Site arrangements – 'Work Rest Regime' during extreme heat

A weather warning is in place for today and tomorrow (Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July) due to extreme heat. High heat peak periods are expected to be between 1100 and 1500.

Over the weekend we have been regularly monitoring temperatures around the site using a specialist 'Wet Bulb Digital Thermometer'. This instrument gives the best indication of the potential for Heat Stress taking into account temperature and humidity.

We have implemented a Work Rest Regime to ensure everyone stays safe in this extreme heat. This introduces a rest period linked to the temperature in your working area and the workload being undertaken – a heavier workload means…


Good Morning,

There was no reported issues over the Weekend involving Water or Sun Cream.

The Ice Pops went down really well with the Workforce and were very much appreciated.

Today’s main concern is the possible top temperature on the Platforms.

It was agreed to meet again at 12.00 today.

It was emphasized that safe working would be carried out. (Regular breaks, Observation of workforce etc.) as per Ian Galbraith’s guidance below.

In addition to the advice given in the most recent TBT on the heat stress, there are number of things we need to take into consideration, in order to minimize the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

These include;

  1. Consider carrying out any non-critical work outside of…


Good Afternoon,

We have completed the 14.00 meeting.

Platforms have collected their weekend water requirement.

The 2,000 Re-Usable bottles have been delivered and are available from F1.

Ice Pops will be available from the HAE Canteen on Saturday & Sunday to individuals.

(Please advise Platforms to consider others when collecting a Box. (1 box = 140 Ice Pops))

We will re-convene again on Monday morning @ 07.30.

please use the site reporting tools, safety reps, safety team, supervisors and black hats for concerns over the weekend.

I will update you with any new information Monday


An update of where we are at with Sun Cream and Water.


58 X 1 Litre Containers.

80 X 100 ml Tubes.

(40 Litres issued this week).

40 X Boards on order.


13.5 Pallet of Small Pack. (27,216 bottles).

16 X Stillages of 18L (9,216 litres).

3 X Pallets of 11L (1,584 litres).



24 X Pallets of small pack (48,384 bottles).

you black hats should be replenishishing your areas and storing water in a cool area to control the temperature of water.


We should have the option to take the days off unpaid. Keep our lodge.

Respondendo a

Negotiations are being held today. This will be one of the items for discussion.

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