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Update Slinger/Signaller situation & cold weather PPE

Both Unite & GMB met today. The Officer for Unite met with the Convenors and Senior Stewards of both unions to discuss the current situation and way forward. Locally the Reps have raised the issue of Trade Slingers being used by Bylor. Bylor refused to change their current position and have forced the unions to escalate this issue to NNB which will be heard on Friday (29/10/21).

The unions have proposed a blanket percentage increase to be paid to compensate for the overlap in a Slingers duty between the Civil contract and the Mechanical contract. Whilst Bylor were understanding of the overlap and almost sympathetic to the situation they have said that this would need to be discussed with NNB so will also be discussed on Friday (29/10/21).

We have been asking BYLOR for a warm layer PPE after discontinuing the softshell, wick jacket and body warmer and only replacing it with a single layer waterproof jacket. Bylor rejected our request, we have raised it at the SJHSEC today and NNB support that our employer should provide appropriate PPE for outside working in winter. There will be a meeting between NNB and BYLOR to find a solution ASAP.

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