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Update prior to emergency SJC meeting.

Statement to accompany notes taken during meeting – 4th April 2022

Following disapproval from Unite members last week, bonus payments were swiftly amended by the employer for the months of February and March (with April figures in abeyance). Members also requested a number of other issues should be considered by their employer, Bylor - including terms currently covered by the CESA agreement, specifically set out under the following sections:

· Reward: pay, bonus, travel and accommodation allowances

· Behaviours

Representation was made by unite the union during the afternoon of Friday 1st April, following a meeting of union representatives and some lay members. This has resulted in an emergency Site Joint Council meeting convened for Wednesday 6th April. A detailed submission drawn up by the unions (with lay representation) will be presented and reviewed by the signatories at this conference.

The joint unions would remind members that despite some immediate wins, issues linked to amendments of existing agreements (set out in CESA) will take some time to discuss and arrive at a jointly accepted position. However, there are a number of immediate actions that can easily be taken by the employer, including the management of the behaviour of its Black Hat supervisors.

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