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Unite members Bylor meeting schedule for tomorrow.

Unite trade union meeting Bylor employees only.

There will be meetings held on Tuesday 26/04/22 in the Frematone building at North this is only for trade union members for Bylor.

This will be a single item agenda explaining the proposal to move forward for a consultative ballot.

There will be a show of hands to agree to move forward, this will allow the trade unions to move forward with the process.

There will be a check of membership cards (we will also accept proof of payment via direct debit / check off on wage slip)

Unfortunately, the logistics of a single meeting are proving very hard, and we cannot breach Health and Safety regs to do so, we have an agreement with Bylor and NNB for time slots on platforms (Platform leaders have been informed) to visit as below.

07.00 – Heatsink 1, Heatsink 2 and HCA

08.00 – Conventional Island 1 and Conventional Island 2

09.00 – Nuclear Island

10.00 – Nuclear Island (second group)

11.00 – K11a, Galleries / Balance of plant

12.00 – Plant and logistics, Stores and K5b

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Hi guys, I'm just curious a to whether anyone of you who worked the Thursday nightshift into good Friday got double time from 12 midnight until 6am good Friday? Or if the union is aware that we weren't paid it?


Heatsink 1 has voted for a 7/3 7/4 nightshift pattern. Starts 6th of June.


This just looks like your trying to divide us, this is not what said this mornin.


David Speakman
David Speakman
Apr 25, 2022

What about the times for the lads on the night shift

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