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SPS on going issues

Just wanted to give some answers to some of the unnecessary criticism that’s coming in around rosters and duties, it seems some of you think the union have rolled over and allowed drastic changes to your working life without a fight.

Here is a list of achievements and negotiations during this period

1 the initial plan was for five days to be across the board, we challenged this and as a compromise you retained 26 weeks of 4 day working, changing you all to five days would have however been contractually legal.

2 During the roster construction and review we went through every version we were sent going through each one line by line, we did this to retain your average hours we ended up on version 4 this was a huge piece of work.

3 We had to perform a balancing act as the things of importance to some weren’t the same for others, some wanted to work no more than 6 consecutive days yet for some it was the long stints of rest that were important, this is why we had to make a compromise, and why there are some seven and eight day stints in the external rosters however these have been greatly reduced, this allowed us keep the long stints of rest days.

4 incorrect Duties, this has been a constant problem and under negotiation and discussion it has now been agreed that the union will have visibility of any new duties at least ten days before they go live and the implementation of an online duty reporting system to correct issues.

Bullet points of issues resolved by the union in regard to rosters duties and other issues

· Rest day visibility on the app up to 24 months

· Massive reduction in the very long duties

· Earning potential retained

· Long stints of continuous working hugely reduced

· 26 weeks of four day working retained

· 3 extra holiday days

· A massive improvement in duty content, duty checking and problem reporting.

· Guaranteed 10 hours rest between shifts unless mutually agreed.

· Long rest day periods still in the roster

· Final discussions to discuss an amnesty for the speeding sanctions that have been issued around Frank Foley parkway.

I truly hope that this infighting can stop so we can unite to face the future challenges I know we will meet.

Remember branch meetings are there for a reason, if you have something to say, say it there.

Kindest Regards

Chris Brittan

Senior Unite Steward.

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