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SPS Ballot Results

We have now reached an agreement with SPS/NNB following protracted negotiations.

Headline details of the settlement are as follows:

  • Any hours over 39 to be paid at time and a quarter(Drivers & supervisors)

  • Any day time weekend working will be paid at time and a quarter(Drivers & supervisors)

  • VPT team hourly rate to be increased, plus any hours over 39 paid at time and a quarter

  • £1000 goodwill payment as part of the First group takeover, thanking staff for all their hard work over the last twelve months.

The final offer was accepted following a ballot of Unite members.

Percentage turnout 70.4%

Percentage in favour of accepting offer 82.4%

Percentage against 17.6%

Thank you all for your support

Chris Brittan

Unite Senior SPS

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