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SPS Ballot Information

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The pay ballot will run from 03:30 on the 18/11/21 and will run until 17:00 on the 22/11/21

The Ballot will be a registered ballot this means it will be manned, your details will be checked and you will be given a ballot paper.

The ballot times are as follows:

Thursday 18th 03:30----18:00 in the union office at J24

Friday 19th 03:30----20:00 in the union office at J24

Saturday 20th 03:30----17:00 in the union office at J24

Sunday 21st 04:00----13:00 in the north plaza welfare

Ballot closes: On Monday 22nd November @ 17:00 in the north plaza welfare

Monday 22nd November @ 20:00 Ballot result announced

Chris Britton

Senior Steward SPS.

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