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Today 21/10 a meeting was held between Daniel Moss (UNITE) Mathew Williams (GMB) Stuart Griffiths and Danny Crampsie (BYLOR) in regards to the issues raised by the slinger signaller community.

We looked at the use of trade slingers and UNITE and GMB believe it is deskilling the slinger signaller role, Bylor rejected this claim and now we have escalated this issue to the LJC and then onto the SJC.

In reference to pay claims regarding mechanical lifting on site for the M&E we put a claim forward for a blanket payment that would include these activities going forward for this project that would enhance the sw1 pay grade for slingers, again this was declined as Bylor say they cannot go outside the collective agreements. Going forward the trade unions will request talks with NNB to see if we can come to a resolution.

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