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Pay Offer Accepted

Following the closure of the Joint-Union Ballot at 16.00hrs yesterday we would like to inform all members that the offer was accepted by 89% to 11% reject.

We will now write to the employer and client to inform them that you have decided to accept.

You will now receive a 4% pay rise over and above the CESA and this will be extended to all workers under all HPC Agreements. You will still receive the further pay rise due in January 2023 under the Agreements.

You will now receive a Lodge Retainer on parity with ECSA. This is a national first in Civil Construction. This has never been achieved before in the industry.

You will now receive a lump sum ranging from a total of between £800 and £1000 depending on pay grade and hours worked. (Apprentice rates will vary.)

You will now be able to leave at 12 noon on intermittent non-working weekend with an authorised absence form with no loss of attendance bonus.

You will now have an extra independent stage of the grievance process outside of Bylor if you raise bullying complaints against a supervisor.

The Milestone Bonus will continue to be paid at 10% on attendance for the remainder of the year. Authorised absence will not affect your bonus.

Pay Surgeries will continue in East and West.

Please see below for new rates and ECSA Lodge Retainers.

On behalf of the Joint-Unions, we would like to thank you for having your say and participating in the democratic process.

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