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On site behaviours - respect for colleague workers

Concerns in respect of behaviour have been raised with the unions by G4S fm and the client. Please be mindful of signage and barriers indicating toilets are closed for cleaning. It seems there have been incidents where some workers have completely disregarded systems of work in place, using toilets when they are in the process of being cleaned! We have been reminded that G4S fm staff wear body cameras, and relevant footage will be used as evidence in disciplinary action taken against individuals in breach of the rules. Should you have specific issues with reference to use of toilets on site please contact your H&S rep directly, or use the QR code.

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Aside from the toilet hoppers, what about the ignorant queue jumpers in general, the users that drop fag stumps at their feet, rather than the nearby bins, along with the hot drinks cups and cans strewn around, the poor souls of GS4 have to do it for them!

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