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HPC Workplace Reps update

Your Reps decided that they wanted to increase the communication with you the member and have started to write a small update on the main topics which have been discussed on a weekly basis. Below is this weeks update.

HPC Twitter page (Site Wide)

Please feel free to follow our new HPC twitter account just click the link below and then press follow, just another way of keeping you up to date.

Social distancing measures from 19th of July (Site Wide)

To be decided after the government’s announcement on Monday 12th of July.

NNB to meet and provide updated guidance after the government briefing on the 12th. Every intention to remove screens from canteens and busses and return to full capacity if the government guidance allows. Masks under consideration too.

Night shift August bank holiday (BYLOR)

Bylor have agreed not to disrupt the current working pattern, but will have to adjust the periodic calendar for nightshift as a result. We have been going around the platforms on nights with the 2 possible variants of the long weekend calendar to get feedback from members before going back to Bylor to finalise the deal.

Clocking out grace time (BYLOR)

Bylor informed us the company is considering taking away the 10 minute grace period for clocking out in the evening. This grace was originally granted to allow people sufficient time to get a bus to North Plaza. The company believe this is no longer needed as the internal/secure bus service is now adequate. Our senior has informed Mr Crampsie that this is absolutely not the case and any attempt to renege on this deal will be met with firm resistance from Unite and our members.

Slinger/Signaller Rates (BYLOR)

Multiple members from the crane team at Bylor have expressed their dissatisfaction at the current rates of pay for advanced slinger/signallers at HPC and have pointed to rates being offered on other projects across the country.

We have decided that we will run surveys across our membership next week to find out what our members thoughts are on this and whether it may be time to try to pursue a better deal for our crane team. More details to follow next week.

Monday 12th July (BYLOR)

We have spoken with Bylor about the fact that most people will be wanting to watch the football on Sunday night. As a result it was agreed that anyone who puts a holiday form in for Monday will not be denied the request (unless extreme operational reasons apply).

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Same at West every night


Jon Picton
Jon Picton
Jul 11, 2021

The bus situation is an absolute joke the most disorganised system I've ever come across


the buses are a joke you can wait 20mins plus from east for a bus some days after a shift then you have to get another bus after that shambles


Where’s our missing 2 hours from the night the shit house bus service was not adequate?


10min grace ain’t enough try going for 20mins

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