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Daily Update 06/04/2020

General Update

As most of you will have experienced this morning, the majority of busses are now running from P&R only and with a further reduction to the number of people allowed on board. There were teething problems at a few stops this morning, this was noted and hopefully will be resolved by tomorrow morning.

From today J24 Secure will no longer run from East & West. J24 will only run from North Plaza.

We can confirm that buses have been arranged for the 19:30 finish despite them not being on the updated timetable. All routes will be catered for from 19:30.

Screens for drivers have started to be fitted and bus seats will continue to be marked off using the isolation tabards.

Temperature checks continue at all of the main site access points.

Pin numbers on turnstiles are no longer required in an effort to reduce risk even further.

Canteens have started to be segregated further with North being one of the first buildings to reduce down to one seat per table. This work will be done across all site canteens.

Bylor Furlough

We have had further discussions with Bylor today about reducing workforce numbers on site. As most of you will know there is a desire to reduce workforce numbers further. As such Bylor are looking for more volunteers from those left working on the project to move on to the furlough scheme.

We can also report that those people on 12 week isolation have the option along with others on Authorised Absence. People on a 7 or 14 day isolation will have to wait until this has ended before they can be considered.

For anyone wishing to volunteer please contact

We have also been discussing payment of lodge for Bylor workers under furlough. If workforce are in long term contracts with their accomodation then they can come forward and Bylor will review these requests on a case by case basis.

Bylor have also said that for those who don't qualify for furlough due to starting after 28th February 2020 they will be looking to do something to help them if they end up in a temporary lay off situation.

Apprentices have been identified as being at significant risk of financial difficulty at this time and alternative arrangements are being discussed.

Currently Bylor are working with EDF to identify key numbers of workforce as well as key platforms. If not enough volunteers come forward then individuals may be chosen from remaining numbers to be placed on temporary lay off. We will know more on this sitatuion later in the week.

Sedgemoor Campus COVID-19 Scheme

Phase one has started this week with an aim to encourage travelling workforce to use the HOST campus in Bridgwater. They would like to encourage people who are staying within Bridgwater to move in to the campus by 14th April at the latest. With registration closing on Wednesday this week.

Incentive plan: Individuals will be asked to commit to a 12 week stay in the campus. It has been recognised that individuals will most likely have to give up to one months notice to their current landlords and as such the following scheme has been developed.

Weeks 1&2 - Free room. Full lodge

Weeks 3&4 - Free rom, Full lodge (if you can evidence still paying previous landlord).

(If not paying previous landlord) £20 per night, bed, breakfast and dinner (saving £15 per night on normal rate)

Week 5-12 - £20 per night, bed, breakfast & dinner.

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This communication is sent following the extraordinary site joint council held today with Bylor and the client. Good progress was made in respect of following points: 1) Milestone bonus – pending


Apr 07, 2020

If people cannot stay 2 metres apart in the Campus then they have no chance of that on site , unless they are a couple 😎

Follow the suggestions and keep this simple


I personally think that putting everyone in the campus you are looking for have closed down so they can reduce the risk of spreading the virus..but you are going to put everyone into one place...a campus which is technically a hotel...if someone gets it, it will go round the whole for people staying in there rooms that’s not going to happen..we cannot keep to the two metre rule on site ..what chance have you got when everyone is in one place..none.

I think there are some good precautions in place on site but I don’t think putting everyone in the same place is...


Will full lodge be paid for the 12 weeks

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