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Daily Update 03/04/2020

General update

2000 test kits are still expected to be arriving on site next week. These will be able to identify whether or not people have already had Covid-19.

East and West walkways now open. PPE mandatory. Infrared cameras are now set up and operational at J23, North Plaza and South Plaza. Random tests continue to be carried out at Sedgemoor campus until cameras can be installed there. Containers, such as those at J23, will be set up at North and South plaza in the near future to house the cameras.

Campus social distancing measures are still being implemented and improved on.

Bylor clocking. Dicussions are still being had on how it would be possible to manage this and remove the need to queue and touch clock machines. Tests are being done to check that the data can be transfered.

Bussing Confirmed again that we will have 61 additional buses in the SPS fleet by the end of next week. Screen installation is still on track for this weekend. 61 new drivers are currently going through induction to assist with the increased number os buses. 25 of the 61 have already arrived and are being used. Bus capacity will be reduced from Monday 6th April, with the target to be a capacity rate of 33%.

Airport style buses will be out of service on Monday, internal buses will be seated only to make managing social distancing easier. External bus routes will be changing from Monday, please be patient come Monday morning. People will be in place at the park & rides to assist as much as possible. B & M routes unaffected at this time. T & C routes will not pick up in Bridgwater. These routes will then stop running w/c 13/04.

Workforce reductions Tissot will reduce numbers today by a total of 40-50 people. Kier BAM office staff will begin to be temporarily laid off, with a total of 93 people leaving in total.

EDF will be reviewing staff levels, further reductions in office staff will be happening in the near future. Bylor will be holding a Local Joint Council on Monday afternoon. At the meeting there will be discussions around potential layoffs totaling 400-600 people. Any potential lay offs will be communicated in a timely fashion and will be subject to temporary lay off and furlough payments.

Campuses First phase of the new set up to encourage travelling workers to use the facilities will be offered to Bylor. No details are available about the incentive scheme regarding payment, Bylor reps will recieve this information at the Bylor LJC on Monday afternoon. We can however confirm that it will be a minimum 12 week stay. If you would like to move into the campus you have until Wednesday to register your interest by ringing HOST.

This is not being made mandatory at this time, nor are EDF expecting everybody to use the facilities. The aim is to encourage people who are staying within Bridgwater to move in to the campus to help defuse tensions within the local community.

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