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Code of Conduct - Social Media

12.3 Media and Social Media

Any approach by the media (including but not limited to newspapers, television, radio, internet, journals, annual reports, brochures, staff magazines, bulletins and newsletters), related to HPC, must be referred to the EDF Energy media team who will co-ordinate any response, where appropriate, with the relevant employer or union.

The 24/7 hours EDF Energy press office can be contacted on 01452 652233.

Any request that are likely to involve the media, such as an accident on site, needs to be managed through EDF Energy’s media office and co-ordinated with the relevant employer or stakeholder.

Workers on the HPC site using social media, must ensure that any written views or statements made are clearly indicated as those of the individual, and confirm that that they do not necessarily reflect those of the project or their employers. This includes writing in weblogs (blogs) or wikis or on Twitter and/or participating in multimedia and social networking, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn, or other online fora.

Operational Photography’ is permitted on HPC Site by all team members. This is classed as images recorded for the support of construction activities, for the purpose of informing management or colleagues, including support of Learning Reports and Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety or Security issues.

Photos in specific areas also require prior consent from Security:

Security Control Room

IT Communications/Server Rooms

IT Stores

The Emergency Control Centre (when mobilised).

Any designated Vital Areas (VA) - (there are, at present, no designated VA’s at HPC)

Operational Photography may be sent by E-mail to an EDF or Tier 1 Contractor email account. No image of HPC Site is to be uploaded to Social Media or released to external agencies or persons, by any means, other than with the express authority of the HPC Communications Team.

For further information, please see the document ‘Control of Photography’ NNB-306-PRO-000105. Please also remember that other types of image capture including aerial, time lapse photography and video require prior permission by security. This is obtained through submitting the ‘Authorisation to capture and record images at Hinkley Point C’ form (NNB-OSL-TEM-000018)

Any breaches of this policy would potentially lead to disciplinary action.

It is important that all workers on the project respect and comply with this media and social media policy.

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