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🛠️ Calling All Members of Unite the Union! Share Your Voice and Improve Safety! 🛠️

🛠️ Calling All Members of Unite the Union! Share Your Voice and Improve Safety! 🛠️

Dear Valued Members,

Your safety is our priority when it comes to your craftsmanship and we need your input to make it even better! Unite the Union is conducting a crucial survey regarding the hammers provided on-site by various stores. Your valuable feedback will help us ensure that the tools you use are not only safe but also suitable for the job.

🛠️ Have You Been Asked to Bring Your Own Hammer?

  • We want to know if you've been asked to provide your own hammer for your work. Your response will help us understand the current situation.

🛠️ Did You Purchase Your Own Tool?

  • If you've had to buy your own hammer, we want to hear about it. Your experiences matter, and your input will guide our efforts.

🛠️Carpenters, Is the Hammer Provided by Stores Suitable for Formwork Erection?

  • Carpenters, especially, your insights on the suitability of the hammers provided for formwork erection are critical. Your expertise will shape our actions.

Your responses will enable us to assess weather there are more appropriate tools for your work. Together, we can make a positive change for everyone's safety.

🔗 Take Action Now! Participate in the Survey:

you can also use the QR code

Your feedback is essential, and we urge you to take a few minutes to complete the survey. Every response brings us closer to safer working conditions for all.

Thank you for being part of Unite the Union, and for helping us build a safer workplace for you and your fellow members.

In unity and safety,

Safety Reps for Unite the Union

Use the QR code to for better communication

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