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Bylor Update 23.06.2021

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Shift Patterns

We are aware that there are rumours flying around about potential changes to shift patterns. We can confirm that after meeting with Bylor yesterday that there is no plan to change the current working patterns for either day shift or night shift at this time.

August Bank Holiday weekend (Nightshift)

It was identified that Bylor intended to ask night shift to work two short weeks back to back and change their current pattern when they returned after the bank holiday weekend. After taking part in our survey we have fed back to the company that people do not want the pattern to be altered or changed. We have requested that work is put on for the Friday and Saturday nightshift (27th & 28th Aug) as well as that the pattern is unchanged after the bank holiday so that people do not have to turn their home lives upside again as they did in April this year.

We are awaiting a response from Bylor on this and will update once one is given.

CIJC WRA Increase

You may or may not be aware that national negotiations took place regarding the Working Rule Agreement. This agreement underpins our CESA agreement, because of this we will see a 2.5% increase in the daily lodge allowance and the Industry Sick Pay from the 28th June. There is also an increase in the number of days paid for bereavement leave.

Covid Measures

There will be no change to the current Covid measures in place on site until the government change the national guidance. There will however be a restructuring of the Covid Marshals on the 1st July.

As and when government adjust the national measures, we will see the canteens and buses increasing their capacities as well as the potential removal of the face mask policy.

15 day limit on holidays

We were made aware that Bylor had made a decision to block holiday/authorised absence requests of more than 15 days total. After discussions with Bylor today it has been agreed that individuals can request to book more than 15 days off but this will have to be signed off by a Senior Construction manager and evidence of the need for the extended leave may need to be submitted.

Stores grading

We have now received a matrix for the Stores to provide clarity on how people can move up through the paygrades. We will be meeting with Karl Watkins this week to clarify some finer points.

Holiday booking system

As you are all aware the use of paper forms to book holiday has been causing issues for not only the people who aren't paid their holiday because a form has been lost but also for the payroll department who have to try and process thousands of forms each month. We have been pushing Bylor to move to a digital system which will help to eliminate a lot of these issues and mean that approval or rejection of holiday requests are simpler. Currently the system is in a design phase but Bylor are hopeful that it will be online by the end of July.

Workplace Reps/Stewards

We have been able to secure recognition for additional Stewards within Bylor. This will mean a wider spread for Unite and the ability for you, the member, to have better access to Reps in person. We have 6 spaces available on the team currently, ideally we would like volunteers from CI 1, CI 2, Heat Sink 2 and K10.

If you are interested in the role or would like some more information please contact PJ Wand, Senior Steward on 07818565178.

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