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Bylor update 01.09.2020

To start we would like to thank all of our members and welcome the new joiners across the site for their support. We are still in a period of dispute with Bylor and are hopeful that we will be invited to a meeting this week to discuss proposals, with regard to Backshift implementation and continuation, which were given to your reps by you the member via the surveys conducted previously.

Your reps have been busy over the past couple of weeks checking members details to make sure that everyone's address is correct and we have a point of contact for you. If there is anyone who hasn't had their address checked can you please contact PJ Wand (Senior Steward) on 07818 565178.

Last week saw the monthly round of meetings on site, namely Local Joint Council and Site Joint Council. These are the forums which your reps raise your concerns and aim to close out issues.

Your Stewards will be coming around the platforms on Thursday this week to conduct the mini grouse meetings which were agreed with Bylor. Be sure to utilise this time to get a full face to face update on current situations, ask questions and make your points known.

Local Joint Council

Bus shelter at North plaza for HAW - As most now we have been without a bus stop for some time. With the wet weather coming we asked Bylor to speak with EDF and can confirm this was closed out swiftly.

Uplift & Backdate - The issues holding up people moving up paygrades and receiving the correct backdates have now been identified. There has been a meeting date set for 7th September with all lead parties involved from Bylor and Laing O'Rourke. We are hopeful that the issues will be resolved and will receive an update ASAP after the meeting.

Christmas Shut down - Bylor have confirmed that there will be work on site up to 23rd December. They do recognise that some people may wish to finish earlier than this and have agreed to allow for holiday or authorised absence for workforce who wish to finish on an earlier date. Please fill in a request form and submit it using the usual process.

Bike to work - Bylor have confirmed the 10% discount scheme will be in place shortly with Bylor providing details to all workforce via email as soon as it is available.

These were just a few of the topics discussed. A full copy of the minutes are available on or from your local rep.

Site Joint Council

Face covering exemptions - Following discussion with a small number for members the issue of not physically being able to wear a face mask for medical reasons has been raised. This has prompted a good discussion with EDF and Hinkley Health who are going to look into the option for people to wear a full face shield instead of a cloth face covering when using the bus service on site. This is not something that can be decided quickly however due to the face covering policy being one which was brought in by EDF globally.

Bylor backshift - We continue to encourage discussions with Bylor on the issue. Currently there is an agreement from Bylor not to change any shift patterns until 11th September. We are hopeful that during this period, Bylor will come to the table with a response to proposals put forward by Unite the union. If however this is not the case then we will be in a position to trigger a formal ballot.

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This Union is weak, can't wait for M&E to get here. Instead of Unite wanting to be HPCs biggest union, they should try to be HPCs best Union.

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