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Bylor temporary lay off update

Bylor have recieved instruction from EDF to reduce workforce numbers to a maximum of 800 people including all tier 2 contractors. There have not been enough volunteers to meet this level of reduction and as such critical workers lists have been drawn up by the company. Individuals will be notified about whether or not they are on furlough either today or tomorrow.

Payments - People will recieve a full shift payment for the day of which they are notified. They will then recieve basic hours and bank holiday payment for the rest of this week. Next week they will be paid for the bank holiday and basic hours for 4 days, plus lodge if they normally recieve it. From Monday 20th April people will then move on to the furlough payment scheme.

Lodge on furlough - Although we were able to say yesterday that Bylor will review this on a case by case basis, due to the high number of requests they have had to say no to this request because of the financial implication this would have on the company.

Apprentices - Any apprentice placed on to furlough will be contacted by Bylor on Tuesday 14th April to discuss how they can support you.

Isolation - Those who are currently off for 12 weeks will be transferred on to furlough. Anyone who is off for either 7 or 14 days will be contacted to notify them if they are being furloughed or not once their isolation has ended.

Holiday pay - If you have holidays booked in the near future and have been selected for furlough you can cancel your holidays if you wish. Please contact Bylor payroll via email,

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